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An Introduction to the DISCA  site by Yvon Oscar Heckscher, Jur.D., one of our Senior Consultants. Heckscher has many years of experience in international government relations, employee/employer relations and travel management.

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 One of the most significant changes in our society today is the way we look at employers and employees. In a fast changing technological world, today's employer could likely be tomorrow's employee and vice versa. The class distinctions between owner and laborer, employer and employee, at least those that were heir to the Industrial Revolution and the robber barons era, are totally blurred today.  Furthermore, gone are the days of simple, easily understood Master/Servant relationships between employer and employee. That paradigm has been replaced by one requiring much more finesse and subject to much more Government regulation and public concern. These days, money still talks but, not infrequently, other blandishments and other precautions are needed to attract and retain employees and associates who can manage client relationships leading to lasting satisfaction with results.

DISCA  is an acronym for our group*. We are consultants, not technicians.  This page is intended to be an exposition of our mission statement, not a representation of our capabilities. It may be used as a general guide as to what we do and do not do for our clients. Briefly, we help people in managing the launch of their projects, and, not infrequently, their careers. We keep ourselves informed as to changes in the attitudes, obligations and benefits of managers and subordinates, and pass this information along to our clients. We provide training of employees and employers in the crafting of projects benefiting both.  We advise users as to what they can, cannot, should, and should not expect to receive from suppliers. We show how accountability works in both directions. We do different things in a few chosen fields, with a very small permanent staff and selected  independent field specialists. These specialists have training and experience in their fields but do not aim to supplement our clients' own technical knowledge, only to assist them in the management of such knowledge and of the personnel using it. Some of  our associates' areas of expertise are broadly based, some are very specific but they are all results oriented.

 We therefore do not provide technical advice specific to the fields cited. We do not develop our clients' new products or services but we do help them manage their deployment.  We do not operate as executive recruiters or as an employment agency but we do look for talent among people of all ages, all social, academic, professional and economic backgrounds and sometimes refer such people to our clients, as an incident of our management services. We do not ignore race or gender but never interpret those differences except positively and never discriminate except on the basis of talent and the ability to achieve results with probity.  


Use the links above to get to the economic activity area of greatest interest to you or use our "Kwik-Links" to the left to get quickly from any page to a specific topic, decide where you believe your sphere of influence needs adjustment and then call us to see if we can help.  

We use these pages to communicate our views and those of our readership on topics which are germane to our areas of expertise.  We obviously also use these pages to advertise our presence and our offerings. You can leave comments or questions by clicking on the "Contact Us" link below. You can also register with us, if you would like to become a participant or an advisor in the development of these pages' content or a consulting specialist in the fields in which we work.  Registration is free and may be cancelled at any time.

Your messages may remain open for all other viewers to see and reply to, unless you ask us to remove them from public viewing and to keep them private -- which we shall -- in accordance with our privacy policy. We shall normally respond within 24 hours of receipt, but don't hesitate to resend and shake us up a bit, if you think we're sleeping at the throttle (not!).

Each page is the work of a single co-worker and bears the stamp of his or her own mentality.  We are united mainly in our desire to do the best possible job for each and every client at the least possible cost. So, a page might get several facelifts in a month, then stay dormant for some time.  That does not necessarily mean that he/she's gone on to greener pastures. It may only mean that one of you, one of his/her clients, has his/her full attention.  Most of our clients don't seem to mind that.

DISCA sm   will, from time to time, publish articles of interest in the fields of biomedicine, chemistry & agriculture, waste control technology, government relations, behavioral sciences, intellectual property and real estate.  You are invited to submit your proposed article for publication on the understanding that you agree that your submittal is your representation that the material submitted may be published free of charge and is not subject to any reservation of rights you or anyone else may have under the laws of any country, and that you will hold us harmless from any claim based on the violation of any such rights, if your article is selected for publication. 

  *and the abbreviated name under which it does business. It is also a service mark owned by Heckscher Professional Corporation a California corporation, which is solely responsible for all representations made on this Website.


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