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Communication is Pivotal
Thus it is that
Communication has become the pivotal instrument of success in economic and social enterprise. Organizational Communication  is the oil that lubricates the architecturally and socially complex organization. Yet, it is not an auxiliary; it is rather the very essence of achievement, of success for the whole entity and for its members. When distances between nations, cultures, people or markers shrinks at a pace difficult for organizations and individuals to catch up, acquisition of effective communication skills becomes essential. 

A Quandary
The quandary is: How do people acquire communicative skills ? Pop-psychology is the easy way out. A few seminars are thought to do the trick: Learn the obtuse language and the relevant platitudes, and you will have become a skilled communicator. Unfortunately, the road to effective and meaningful communication is not that easy.  Without any doubt, it begins with education. And education relies on technology to facilitate its development -- not to supplant it.

DISCA sm  will, from time to time, publish on this page articles of interest in the field of behavioral sciences.  You are invited to submit your proposed article for publication on the understanding that you agree that your submittal may be deemed to be your representation that the material submitted may be published free of charge and is not subject to any reservation of rights you or anyone else may have under the laws of any country applicable to intellectual property, and that you will hold us harmless from any claim based on the violation of any such rights, if your article is selected for publication. 

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DISCA's scientists and communications specialists have broad educational, cultural and technical backgrounds.  Besides holding higher education degrees, they are seasoned practitioners of their art--outside of academe, in the world of work.

DISCA sm  provides services in these behavioral science fields:

Communication Technologies

Opinion Surveys

Organizational       Channels

Interpersonal Skills

Diversity Initiatives

Cross-cultural Studies

Employe Orientation

Motivational Studies


Interviewing Techniques

International Relations

Applied Linguistics

"The Learning Organization"

Human Resources Management & Development

Training Development

Training System Design

Training &Educational Technology

Action Research

Affirmative Action Planning

Job Search Skills

Résumé Writing


Executive Search

Salary Surveys

Focus Groups



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