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 Biomedicine has, on occasion, been defined as the branch of medicine that applies the principles of the natural sciences to clinical medicine.  In a very general sense, it may be said to be a branch of biotechnology, but that categorization does not seem to add much to the overall picture most people of have of biomedecine. One might as well say that medicine is a branch of technology.  Our view is that Biomedicine is a science that is broad enough to stand on its own, connected to many other sciences and sharing the purpose, if not the scope of medicine itself.   What distinguishes it from medicine proper is its emphasis on the specific tools it uses to advance the interests of mankind. 

 Biology, botany, and physiology are often cited as branches of the natural sciences which are most often used in biomedical research, but, of late, several other sciences have been invoked in research projects and practical applications.  Thus, more recently, the study of certain sciences  less traditionally thought to contribute to the development of Biomedicine, such as Engineering, has convinced many that the erstwhile limits placed upon the fields of expertise researchers and practitioners must first master before aspiring to participate in biomedical projects as peers have given way to a less compartmentalized but no less rigorous approach.

 Today, Biomedicine extends to the study of human beings' resistance to  stresses and variations, such as in the weightless environment of  space travel, supersonic acceleration, protracted exposure to hypothermia, vibration and radioactivity, as well as many other conditions which the sciences in many other fields allow us to experience today.  It includes the development of aids or replacements for defective body organs, genome research and other genetic application programs which only a few years ago were thought to belong only in the realm of science-fiction.

One of the aims of the authors of this Website is to publish information about this rich and fascinating area of science, and thereby help our audience better to discriminate among the sources of information, the planners and the players in the group of people active in it, and thereby better to decide whether to commit resources of time or money to it , and when they cannot, where to look to supplement their experience.

DISCA sm  will, from time to time, publish on this page articles of interest in the field of biomedicine.  You are invited to submit your proposed article for publication on the understanding that you agree that your submittal may be deemed to be your representation that the material submitted may be published free of charge and is not subject to any reservation of rights you or anyone else may have under the laws of any country applicable to intellectual property, and that you will hold us harmless from any claim based on the violation of any such rights, if your article is selected for publication. 



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