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This page will introduce you to the principal members of DISCA's staff, their background and individual disciplines. If you would like to know more about any of them, their experience or the Group,  just send us an email and specify your area of interest. It also tells you a little about DISCA's history and how DISCA fits in the activities of the Principals.

Who the PRINCIPALS are

DISCA's Senior Principal, Yvon Oscar Heckscher, iur.D., is a diplomate in law of  the Université Libre de Bruxelles and of the University of California.  He has been admitted to practise law before the US Supreme Court, the U.S. Tax Court, various US District and Appellate Courts, all California Courts,   and the Court of International Trade.  He has over 25 years of experience in business & corporate law practice, international commerce, and EU and US government relations.
DISCA's Head of  Information and Education Services is Eric Heckscher, Ph.D.  Dr. Heckscher studied psychology, human resources development, and naval science at the Université de Montréal, the University of California,  Stanford University, and the University of Southampton. His main professional discipline is in the Behavioural Sciences, with specializations in HR Development, Executive Search, Education, Audio-Visual Communication, and Child-and-Maternal Welfare. He has over 23 years experience in government relations working with the UN and with such top-flight consulting firms as Booz-Allen & Hamilton.
DISCA's Head of  Intellectual Property Rights Services is F. Giovanna Ceredi, iur.D.  An alumna of the Liceo Classico, Dott. Ceredi studied law at the Università of Parma, Italy, graduating with honors, followed by 4 years of private law practice, and 4 more in corporate transactional practice with a major automobile producer, focusing on US & USSR relations. During the next 18 years, she gained hands-on experience in intellectual property rights as Director of Copyrights and Foreign Trade at Fabbri and Mondadori Publishers, EMI and Channels 4 and 5 in Milan.

How Disca is Organized

The Heckscher Professional Group was created in Geneva, Switzerland in 1973 as a non-profit information center, organizing in an association of interests the talents and resources of a small number of European and North American professionals skilled in law, business management, health care, and interacting with sundry government clients. Its goal was to provide an organizational structure for the mutually complementary talents and activities of its principals and members.

In 1977, the Group enhanced its activities and enlarged its staff, in alliance with Heckscher Professional Corporation, a California law firm.   In 1985, with new offices in Switzerland, the Group expanded again, and in 1995, it founded a new business center in Milan.  In 1997, in recognition of the increasing number of members and the diversity in the nature of the members' contributions, the principals of Heckscher Professional Group decided to change its name to DISCA, an acronym for Diversified International Systems Associates.

DISCA is organized along the lines of an unincorporated association of professionals free to act independently or in concert with each other as the demands of a particular project may require. DISCA acts both as a funnel and as a router. It receives or becomes aware of enquiries from clients through the relationships and other sources of information on which it has drawn and funnels them to the professionals, members of the group, who are known to DISCA's staff to have the necessary expertise to handle such enquiries or aspects thereof.  It also acts as a router, distributing to such sources proposals and ideas developed by its members and known to DISCA's staff to be of special interest to such sources.  It may also act as the representative of members selected to participate in a project or projects, integrating the ideas and proposals of such members into one or more singular projects.  The principals of the Group have selected the name DISCA sm as the service mark for the association.


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Note: Nov'Arcadia is an estate administered by DISCA.  Refer to the Nov'Arcadia Contacts Page for specific details and contacts.

Last revised  on 8 March 2003

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