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in our website means the opportunity to act as a contributing editor to the contents of the website.  If any of the topics addressed in this website are of interest to you, "participation" allows you to send us text and images relating to such topics so we may consider including them on these pages, at no charge to you.  You become a "participant" when you register, unless you inform us during registration you have no wish so to become. You will be credited with the authorship of anything we include,  under your own name or your nom de plume, or anonymously, if you so desire and specify accordingly.  If you do not so specify, your name and identification may be withheld.  Use any written means of submittal you prefer (e.g. e-mail, fax, ordinary mail - see our other pages for address details), except that e-mail must be limited to 50 kB every 24 hours or less. Any material you submit to us for publication will be received under the assumption you are granting us an unrestricted royalty-free licence to publish it, or part of it, without incurring any obligation to you, except such as you may specify in your submittal.  We reserve the right to choose when to publish and to decline to publish any material, in whole or in part, that we receive from participants, and to discontinue the participation of anyone who abuses the system.



You are invited, never obligated, to register with us, but if you wish to be considered as a participant, we shall first need your registration.  You may cancel your registration at any time by just sending us an email asking us to cancel.  Registration is gratis and will help us recognize you more quickly as a participant in our website, present the material you will have told us that you prefer to see, avoid wasting your time showing you material in which you will have told us you have little or no interest, and in general assist us in giving you faster and better service and make that service more cost-efficient for us to deliver.  Unless you instruct us otherwise, registration will also enable us to contact you, when we believe we should, relating to a matter in which you have expressed an interest, or in certain cases, when we are legally required to do so.  Should it become necessary or advisable for us to contact you, we shall first utilize e-mail, but when circumstances otherwise dictate, we shall use other means.

The registration information you give us will be held in confidentiality.  We shall take reasonable precautions to ensure it will be maintained secure from access by any unauthorized person. This means that we shall never sell, lease, or otherwise release or reveal it in any manner in which you could be personally identified, except as required by law .  It may, however, be aggregated with information from other sources to establish demographic facts, business or technology trends, market preferences, and the like.  When so aggregated and all personalized references removed,  it may be shared with others.  Please refer to our  "Privacy Policy"   for more information on this subject, as important to us as it may be to you.

You do not have to fill out all the blanks when registering, but we encourage you to do so.  The more information you allow us to have, the better we shall be able to tailor our services to your needs and preferences.  Blanks commencing with an asterisk (* ) are necessary or registration cannot be completed.

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