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 During the last three decades, Government everywhere has assumed a presence in our lives the most socially sensitive of our society would not have imagined previously.  The increased impact on our lives has sometimes been gradual and modest, sometimes sudden and dramatic.  Thus, tax laws, however intrusive they may be, have grown in number and complexity but the growth has been predictable even if the content has not.  On the other hand, anti-discrimination, environmental protection and safety legislation has frequently been sudden and even explosive, yielding, as it were, to long pent-up demands our demographic, cultural and economic diversity had long been brewing.  Both trends can in part be traced to the wars this century and the last have witnessed, followed by several cycles of hyperinflation, depression or recession, technical innovation, and the steady pace of education and popularization.  It has not seemed to matter whether the government model was democratic and permissive, or autocratic and repressive. In every country, the role of government has greatly increased in scope and in depth, commanding the attention of an ever growing number of societal groups, acting on motives ranging from economic to political or religious.  The groups themselves have been largely the agents of the proliferation of measures of intervention by government in the lives of everyone, reflecting the increased complexity of society's needs and preferences.   

Relations between the governed and the government  have not surprisingly become more frequent, more detailed and more adversarial,  and spawned a highly varied and technical universe of conflicts between them.  This in turn has become the raison d'Ítre of a whole host of highly specialized professionals dedicated to  helping others deal with, navigate among, and resolving these conflicts.  Lobbyists, specialized lawyers and accountants, and other experts in a myriad of disciplines have themselves become so enmeshed in the technicalities of their knowledge that  a second tier of middlemen has developed, purporting to advise the ordinary individual. corporate, or institutional citizen as to which kind and how many of such experts to hire.

This, in a nutshell, is the field of Government Relations, somewhat amorphous in its diversity, and usually underestimated by most until they come into contact with it. When they do, there occurs an epiphany of sorts, and sometimes a helplessness, a discouragement, a loss of trust, and a resentment at the gap existing between themselves and the members of that to which they indiscriminately refer as the "Government Establishment".

One of the aims of the authors of this Website is to publish information about this amorphous realm, and thereby help our audience better to discriminate among the sources of information, the planners and the players in the group, and thereby better to decide when self-help is advised, and when it is not,  where to look to supplement their experience.

  Contact the "G" Group when you need help in your Government Relations.

DISCA sm  will, from time to time, publish on this page articles of interest in the field of government relations.  You are invited to submit your proposed article for publication on the understanding that you agree that your submittal may be deemed to be your representation that the material submitted may be published free of charge and is not subject to any reservation of rights you or anyone else may have under the laws of any country applicable to intellectual property, and that you will hold us harmless from any claim based on the violation of any such rights, if your article is selected for publication. 


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