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Professional Assistance in Managing Relations with European, Canadian and US Government Agencies


North American interests active in West & Central Europe, and European interests active in the U.S. & Canada

Do your responsibilities require interaction with Government people in Europe or North America
Embarrassment, resistance, misinterpretations, red tape, or cultural inadaptation, or even just language problems, can frequently hinder fruitful interaction between government representatives and business or institutional executives on either side of the Atlantic.

Delays, missed deadlines and other mishaps often result but can be minimised by competent guidance.

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      What the        "G" TEAM is
The "G" Team within DISCAsm consists of a few professional people dedicated to helping people manage their relations with government agencies. The team's forte is quick, efficient, cost-effective response. The "G" Team originally was part of the core of what is now DISCAsm.  

      What the         "G" TEAM does
It provides assistance on expert management, representation, compliance and defense to US and Canadian business and institutional concerns in all phases of relations between them and government agencies of the European Union and selected countries of Central Europe.

It provides like assistance to EU and Central European business and institutional concerns in all phases of relations between them and government agencies of the United States and Canada.

We orient our information to benefit mainly business and institutional interests. We are skilled in evaluating business and institutional management and administration needs, and have relationships with organisations providing information in the same or similar fields in the E.U as well as selected Central European countries, Canada and the US.

Even as we inform businesses and institutions interacting with Canadian and US agencies, we also inform them in their interactions with EC directorates.

Likewise, we closely collaborate with EU Bureaux in delivering information useful for the planning and implementing of EC Framework Programme projects favouring SME's in RTD such as Exploratory Awards or Cooperative and Collaborative Research. We work with you in your preferred language.  

Disclaimer: Nothing on this website is intended nor may be construed as a solicitation of legal services.

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