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 You can become our Rental Agent and be remunerated for your efforts on our behalf accordingly. We recognise the creation of an agency relationship when the same has been documented and your and our signature has been affixed to the document. When you and we find it convenient, we may agree that a fax or email signature shall be binding. Barring such document, attempts to create an agency relationship through adhesion to the terms of a contract or other declaration whose acceptance conditions our access to the functionalities of a website, or otherwise by implication, shall have no effect  to the extent such terms impose upon us any obligation greater than those specified on this website. 

Our rates are net. They include no commissions or other fees to any intermediary whose compensation must either be collected from the guest or added on by agreement with Owners.  Upon request, we shall add to our prices the amount of commission you desire, provided, however, that such commission shall not be excessive and therefore injurious to the renter. We deem commissions to be excessive when they exceed 25% of the gross rental amount.  In general, commissions of 10% of the gross rental amount have been the norm but we are open to allowing more. 

We normally pay commissions only after they have been earned, that is, when the rental has ended and the renter has fulfilled his or her obligations and left the premises. When cancellations occur, commissions will be calculated based upon the net amount, if any, received from the renter less any refund due. Commissions will be paid in the currency used by the renter to pay us rent. You will find details as to our cancellation and refund policy on the Rates page of this website. 

We try to keep our availability chart. We recommend you consult it when conversing with a prospective renter but, since availability is always subject to prior sale, call us or email us to be sure before making a commitment we might not be able to keep.

We cannot be responsible for any agent representations made to a prospective renter unless they conform to those made on this website. For all purposes of this website, any provision included in any agent's website or other advertising media conflicting with any provision on this website or purporting to impose on Owners any obligation (except the payment of commission) not expressly provided for on this website shall be deemed null and void. Visiting  this website means that you have become aware of its contents but carries no obligation on your part whatsoever except that you agree you will not deviate from them in your representations concerning the Chalet.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Rental Agent. For any further information, please e-mail us at


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