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Bask in the sunlight of Val Lumnezia, inhale the wondrous air, savour its fragrance, yield and relax...and remember.


Location, Access & Surroundings

  Chalet Nov'Arcadia is a luxury vacation residence situated in Morissen, a small village in south- eastern Switzerland canton Grisons,  in the sunny, upper reaches of the Lumnezia Valley, 1/2 way to 3000 meters high Piz Mundaun. Visible 1000 m. down, a second river dale intersects, creating vistas of snow- capped peaks, verdant meadows, rushing waters and dark woods.

Access from Zurich is by fast,  four-lane motorway (110 kms), a major highway (30 kms), a secondary road (9 kms) and the last 1000 metres, paved but narrow, in total 2 to 3 hours' drive depending on the weather.  A frequent rail connection is also available to within 10 kms. Access from Milan-Malpensa is slightly longer and closer to 3 hours' drive. A frequent bus connection from and to the railhead assures car-free transportation convenience.

 Lumnezia is a reasonably priced holiday land for all ages, but , if you also wish to mix with celebrities,  internationally rated resorts of  Arosa,  Davos,  and St. Moritz are within easy driving distance.  Laax and Flims are posh ski, skating and well equipped all-year spas 20 kms. away.    Ilanz, 10 kms., is a neat medieval town with two shopping malls, restaurants, banks, bakeries and  other small shops. A regular stop for the Glacier Express, the link to the Bernina National Park as well as the Matterhorn at Zermatt, it is also a take-off point for  hang gliders and river rafters on the "white-water" Rhine.

" Lumnezia "

Romansch for bright, cool "Light" - is an alpine valley of stunning beauty, not yet overrun by  tourists, but cherished by vacationers who shun crowds. It has its own fast, modern chairlift station, less than a ski mile down from the Chalet.

 You can then ski back to the front door for lunch, or transfer over between the peaks into  Obersaxen-Meierdorf, a medium-sized resort for really serious skiers.

 In the summer and fall, maintained parcours trails to peaks and glaciers (see map), suitable for adults and children, are a hiker’s and a herbalist's delight.

View from the Chalet's balconies

The Setting

Outdoors and indoors blend easily at the Chalet. Let the sun and fresh air in from the balconies and terrace through wide French doors. The balconies, facing the wide open valley and the green slopes beyond, are wide enough for a luncheon table and chairs. The terrace is just as panoramic and, with its small fountain, is best enjoyed for relaxing, sunning or for entertaining. Tiled paths and staircase lead to the cobbled upper and lower driveways. Traffic is light on the Chalet's street, a cul-de-sac of 5 such homes, leading into a meadow.

The Village

People in Morissen (pop.250+) and Lumnezia in general are very friendly. Most work the land and farm animals, the skilifts and children’s T-Bar, but some commute to the towns and cities nearby, are part of the civil service, the utilities, the construction industry and the stores. They mostly speak Romansch and German, understand Italian, may be  Reformist or Roman Catholic  but are open to every peaceful belief or disbelief. 

A post office, a bank, a mini-market, a dairy, a school, a firehouse,  a municipal centre, a Church, and a decent hotel/restaurant define the public and business section.

 A kilometer or two away, in Vella, another bank, 4 restaurants/hotels, a bakery, market, auto-repair and petrol station, 2 churches, a pharmacy, a physician, more chalets, and a few craftsmen contribute to the material and non-material needs of these gentle and hospitable people.


Formal entry

"Zerfreila", a lake nearby.

The Chalet

This vacation residence is a separate, detached structrure, not just a set of rooms rented in a ghetto-like ski warren. Elegant corbeling, balconies, stone roof, extensive use of pinewood, give the Chalet distinctive appeal, complementing its near panoramic, unimpeded view of the valley. Large French Doors and Windows are double and triple-paned, curtained, draped, for good insulation in summer or winter. Radiant floor central heating is available all year. More ...

Total living area is appr.210 m² (2300 sq.ft.), including large living room with wet bar and entertainment center .   Open beam ceilings and  "Galleria", serving as phone and fax equipped office, enhance impression of space and light .  Round glassed-in conservatory in Bay window provides ample dining space  (seats 8-9).


3 large double bedrooms, 1 small bedroom (adult-size beds) for the younger set, 2  fully equipped bathrooms, 2 "half-baths". 

All-electric kitchen has granite counters, dishwasher, twin refrigerator and freezer, 3-way oven, waste disposer, exhaust fans, and grill. Fully equipped laundry-room. 

A large, heated garage plus  covered porch let you and your guests park off the public street in comfort and safety. French and Swiss wines are available for your enjoyment from the airy wine cellar . The Intercom system lets you communicate from each floor to the front and garage doors. 2 Phone Lines (jacks throughout the villa) ensure your satisfaction of all your communication needs.

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