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in  Euros 
subject to change, before discounts

GBP, USD and other currency holders: See Currency Converter

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Year End

A. per person per night* 153 169 228
B. 3 or 4 Persons per week 1622 1782 2406
C. extra Person per week 94 103 139

*minimum 2 persons per room for 3 nights in May, October, November or 5 nights at other times. For groups of 3 or more persons, use lines B and C if more favourable.

All-Inclusive Holiday International Rates span 3 to 7 nights beginning or ending on a Saturday.
Click for stays not ending on Saturdayschild rebatesdiscounts and surcharges.**
All other EU currencies, US or Can $,  ¥  will  be accepted, at the Euro Buy Rate.

What does "All-inclusive" mean ? 

Our Holiday International rental rates include all taxes, assessments, reception and administration, linen (sheets, towels), utilities (heat, light, hot and cold water). maintenance, parking, end cleaning, street snow removal. Pets are admitted for nominal charge. Booking fee is waived for bank transfers. There are no other extra fees at all related to your stay but phone calls are metered and price will be collected on your departure. Beverages (wine, beer, mineral water) are priced as marked. Food is normally not provided. 


Seasonal Schedule

"Preferred" season dates vary each year according to custom and major Swiss national holiday dates.  "Econ" season is in effect whenever the Preferred and Year End seasons are not. The table below shows examples of dates in years 2007 and 2008.




Year End

6 January-3 March 2007




4 March -23 June 2007




23 June-1 September 2007




2 September-14 December 2007




15 December '07-5 January 2008




Discounts and Rebates from  "Holiday INTERNATIONAL Rates"

There are several further ways you can save with "Holiday Rates":
EARLY BIRD REBATE Book EARLY !!! Earn min. 5% rate rebate from Econ rates with reservations made at least 6  (more with 9) months' advance notice. 
LAST MINUTE KNOCK-OFF from 10%-40% off "current" rates.  Ask for this rebate: when demand is weak, we are glad to grant it to fill a vacancy. Reservations are accepted from 3 to 10 days ahead of rental period. 
CONNOISSEURS' DISCOUNT  Earn 5% , 10% and 20% rate discount with  consecutive 2-week, 3-week, and 4-week occupancy. Further discounts for bi-monthly, quarterly and semi-annual occupancies.

ASK for these discounts and rebates: they are NOT automatically awarded !  Discounts and rebates may not be accumulated. They are applicable only to Holiday Rates (except Year End, unless explicitly provided ).

  How Holiday International Rates differ from Other Rates 
"Holiday INTERNATIONAL Rates" are very special group rates designed for international residents (i.e. not Swiss nationals residing in Switzerland) to reduce vacancies and thereby the cost of this luxury Chalet for stays by small and medium size family or groups with high travel costs. They apply to stays of 3 to 7 nights ending or beginning on Saturdays and are the minimum that will be charged when reservations are made through this website (prices shown on other websites may be higher). Holiday International Rates are all-inclusive in Euros (€)  only: charges for linen, laundry & cleaning services, taxes and assessments,  administration, snow removal, power, heating and other utilities, etc. except phone charges and beverages, are included; booking fee (2,75%) is waived for bank transfer payments.  

National rates do not include taxes, fees and other charges, such as end cleaning, utilities and linen. Some of these charges are based on cost and may vary from season to season. They are added on and collected on departure.  

Unless otherwise expressly agreed, rates are
based on double occupancy of bedrooms, and vary according to seasons (see table above).  Groups consisting of more than 4 persons are charged the 4 person rate plus the extra person rate for each person in the group in excess of the first 4.  A 50% rebate is allowed against the charge for extra persons who are children aged 2-12 years (infants under 2 years free). Maximum sleeping accommodations: 10 persons. Except for infants, maximum occupancy per bedroom is 2 persons. Baby bed can be provided when available for a moderate charge. Small pets (max. 2) may be allowed for 5 per night per pet
, collected on departure ( Pets are welcome but must be kept in the heated garage when they are not supervised by an adult member of Lessee's group). Additional days' stay is allowed against prorata charge during "econ" season when vacancy permits. Charges for beverages consumed (as marked) and phone usage (as metered) will be invoiced separately and collected on departure.  

** Surcharges

Single occupancy of bedrooms will result in "extra person" surcharge when more than 2 bedrooms are occupied. Please observe Check-out and Check-in times: 10:00 and 15:00.  We need
a full 5 hours for cleaning and administrative tasks between guest departure and new arrival. Late check-outs may incur a 10% surcharge. Hold-overs may incur
highest daily rate. Rental weeks normally begin and end on Saturdays: rates for rental periods
not ending on Saturdays may carry a 50% surcharge. 

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Security deposit
of 500 (or equivalent in acceptable currency - use converter below) is payable no later than 2 weeks before arrival.  Full refund in currency paid is guaranteed within 10 days of exit, provided no damage or expense such as phone metered charges, wine cellar withdrawals, credit card or bank charges, etc. is noted. 

General Terms, Cancellations & Refunds,  Bank References
ayment by most major credit cards, PayPal, cashier's checks and bank transfers in USD, EUROS, CHF, GBP or other EU currencies to our European (UBS) or US (Union Bank of California) banks will be accepted (please ask for bank routing or references), but payment in currencies other than Euros (€) will be subject to conversion to Euros. Booking fee (2.75%) is waived for bank transfer payments. The conversion rate actually applied for the currencies of payment chosen will be that in effect at the "buy" rate in effect for such currencies at the date and place of payment but in no event will the conversion rate applied at the time of payment exceed or be below that in effect on the date of reservation by more than 10%. (A  Currency Converter, showing median interbank rates, is provided for your convenience with the caveat that 'buy" and "sell" rates can vary between 5 and 12% respectively higher or lower than the median rates reported by the converter).  

  All bank fees related to the rental transaction are at guest's expense. We may accept other currencies but will not exchange currencies or give change. We guarantee rates & reservations only when rental deposit is received and rental memorandum signed (see sample contract for General Terms).

  Except as shown in the table hereunder, rent balance, if any, must be paid in full no later than 2 months before arrival.  Security Deposit is due no later than 2 weeks before arrival. Failure to make timely payments may be deemed cancellation by guest. A change in the reservation's dates may be treated as a cancellation. Occupancy by less than the number of persons specified in the reservation does not entitle guest to a decreased rate. Occupancy by more than the number of persons specified in the reservation will be charged at the rates specified above. Cancellation does not exonerate guest's obligation to pay rent but may entitle guest to refunds: see table below for important rent installment minima and dates as well as entitlement to refunds which will be made in the currency used for payment and are subject to cancellation charges. 

Notice to Agents: Our rates are net. They include no commissions or other fees to any intermediary whose compensation must either be collected from the guest or added on by agreement with Owners.  For all purposes hereof, any provision included in any agent's website or other advertising media conflicting with any provision on this website or purporting to impose on Owners any obligation not expressly provided for on this website shall be deemed null and void.


Rental payable (not later than)

Rent Instalment



Cancellation Charge

 3 days after reservation

35% or more²



 2 months³ or more before arrival



10% of Total

 less than 2 months³ before arrival



35% of Total

                    Notes: ¹if cancellation occurs less than 4 months before arrival, refund will not exceed amount paid on re-rent less  cancellation charge    ²up to 100% for year end reservations    ³ for year end reservations,  4 months


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Reception Assistance/Self-Catering

An experienced local Manager will meet you on arrival and assist you throughout your stay. Nov'Arcadia is a self-catering vacation home. Renters are expected to keep and redeliver the premises as clean as they found them, normal usage excepted but free of food and beverage remnants and other refuse, and in conformity with normal household standards in the region. Failure to do so may result in extra charges. Chalet cleaning is provided at the end of the stay. Fresh linens (towels, sheets) are provided once a week. Should  a more frequent cleaning or linen change be desired, they will be provided for an extra charge. Limited daily maid service, not including food, is also available at extra charge.  The Chalet is not designed as a shared rental; while rented, it is entirely at the guests' exclusive disposal, but may be inspected by Owner, or Owner's agent or Manager. Smoking is allowed on terrace and balconies but, out of consideration for non-smoking guests, not elsewhere.

Holiday International Rates, weekend rates and General Terms are "published" in that they may be deemed binding till they are changed on this website. Except as may be expressly provided on any other site subject to DISCA sm's administration, they supersede any rates published elsewhere. You are invited to check this website frequently as promotional rates, discounts, surcharges and season dates change. National rates are not published.


Book EARLY !!  Reserve now to lock in lower rates and guaranteed accommodations.
Rates can be lower for those who book well in advance. Choice periods are often booked 9 months or more before arrival by repeat guests but everyone is given the same opportunity. By clicking on calendar, get an idea of dates that are still available but bear in mind we often have tentative reservations for dates shown to be "available". When this is the case, we allocate available dates to whichever reservation is paid first. A tentative reservation is a request for date allocation that is not fully committed. Enter the dates you want, if available, on your rental reservation form, if you wish to reserve, or the rental enquiry form, if you just want a quote.  We shall inform you within 24 hours to confirm, or call the rental director for the most recent information at +1.707.829.1034.

Other Important Notes

No Subletting: Persons named on the rental voucher will be deemed responsible for the acts or omissions of all invited to enter the premises during the rental period. No subletting is allowed.

Privacy: We pledge not to sell, rent or otherwise release any data you supply to us that could identify you, except if clearly authorized by you so to do. See our Privacy Policy pledge page.

Nov’Arcadia is a trade name given to an estate administered by DISCA sm which is solely responsible for all representations made in this website. 

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Chalet Address: Nov’Arcadia
Naus 267, CH-7143 Morissen, GR, Switzerland

Phone  (CH): 41.81.920.0132  (US): 1.707.829.1034
Fax  (CH): 41.81.920.0102  (US): 1.707.829.1035

Note to non-Euro holders: This currency "converter" functionality is provided for your convenience so you may estimate the rental price in your preferred currency of reference. We do not guarantee its accuracy.  The spread between conversion values and the actual "buy" price of the converted currency can vary. For instance, the €  to GBP or USD spread from the conversion rate has varied between 6 and 12%  and may widen in the future.  If you do not otherwise specify, we shall purchase Euros from your deposits but you are free to purchase Euros anywhere else for the most favourable rate.

Last revised 23 August 2007