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BOOKING EARLY may earn you rebates: Ask for up to 5% when you book at least 6 months in advance (not to be combined with other rebates). 

Please respond to all items below.  Your cooperation will be sincerely appreciated. Items marked * need to be filled in or the Reservation Form will not load. See our Privacy Policy by clicking here.

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Bank Transfers are accepted at UBS, CH-7130 Ilanz,Switzerland, SWIFT routing number UBSWCHZH70A, account 445384L1A, or at Union Bank of California, routing number 122000496, account 0451146849. We shall confirm your reservation within 24 hours of receiving credit card charge approval or notice of posting of bank transfer. By providing credit card information, you authorize us to charge the credit card account for the rental amount installments and security deposit, in accordance with the terms specified in the RATE TABLE). Please note that we guarantee the confidentiality of your information only after it is received (see our Privacy Policy for details), but not during its transit to us using this transmittal method: if you wish to use a secure transmittal method, please send us a fax at +1.707.829.1035 or call us at +1.707.829.1034 with the payment information.

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